About Us

Chicago Pet Sitters is the city’s best pet care provider, a status we have maintained for nearly 20 years in the business. Our team of pet care professionals is reliable, trustworthy, and downright obsessed with pets! We offer daily dog walking, as-needed dog walking and pet sitting, as well as travel care for your cat or critter (yes, we’re happy to see your lizard, guinea pig, or turtle, too!). Our services are tailored to your pet’s needs to keep them as comfortable and content as possible while you’re away. Our promise is to love your pet like we love our own

What We Offer

Puppy and Senior Potty Breaks

20-min Potty Breaks in 90-min arrival windows, specifically designed to help with housebreaking and incontinence

Dog Walking Visits

Available as pre-set recurring walks or as-needed in a variety of durations and arrival windows. Plenty of time for your adult dog to get fresh air, sunshine, and lots of love!

Kitty & Critter Visits

Available in a variety of visit duration and arrival windows, once or twice per day. Our whole team is crazy about cats!

Why Us?

Whether you’re looking for miscellaneous kitty visits or daily dog visits, Chicago Pet Sitters can help. Here are just a few reasons why we may be the purrfect fit for you.

We’re a close pack.

One of our top priorities is cultivating the best work environment in Chicago. We know that a happy, supported, and thoroughly trained team is the key to the highest quality pet care possible. We pay our employees industry-leading wages with various incentives and even a per-visit travel fee. Our positive and joyful workplace has fostered an incredible retention rate. Our average staff tenure is over 2 years! You will see the impact of that in every visit report.

We hire employees.

We hire employees, not independent contractors. Because we classify our staff as employees, we can set the highest expectations for quality of care and hold each team member accountable to that. As employees, every member of our team goes through a rigorous and comprehensive training program based on industry standard best practices that will keep your four-legged companion safe and healthy. Our pet care managers are ready and eager to support our pet care specialists during all scheduled visits.

We love tech-meow-logy.

We melt over those cute and funny moments with your furrball – whether they are chasing a bug or lounging around – and we want you to know about it! You can expect daily updates with the laugh-out-loud or heart-warming moments we capture while they are in our care! The reports might be the best part of your experience as a pet parent.

We tailor our service to your needs.

After nearly two decades in this work, we’ve got pet care down to a science, but we know each pet has particular needs and we are excited to meet each pet where they are. In your pet’s care profile, we’ll have all details that make them who they are, and any special accommodations they need while in our care.

Making a reservation is easy.

As a client, you will have access to a portal in which you can request future visits. If you are a new client, you’ll simply  fill out an application and we’ll lead you through our seamless onboarding process. You can communicate with our office team and your pet sitters, and even pay your invoices within the portal!