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They really seem to love what they do!

Rated 5 out of 5

Chicago Pet Sitters are the best! Not only are they incredibly professional, they really seem to love what they do! I have no fear that my needy cat George will get all the love he needs when I’m out of town. They will come in, grab your mail, play with your animal for 20-30 minutes, write you a note about their events, clean the litter box (so nice!) and even send a text update! Their prices are more than fair and their attention to detail is exceptional! I would highly recommend them to anyone!!


They do a fantastic job!

Rated 5 out of 5

We cannot say enough great things about this company!
Chicago pet sitters have watched our two cats a few times over the past year after a friend of ours recommended them to us. They are so good to our little kitties when we are away!
They leave a detailed note and send a text message after each visit. Dana, the owner, even called us when she thought they were acting “”hungrier than normal””. I assured her they are like that all the time but we really appreciate the attention they pay to our cats! They do a fantastic job!


You are in good hands

Rated 5 out of 5

These guys are great. My dog took to Alison right away. Since I don’t have an everyday need for a dog walker its really nice that they don’t have a weekly minimum. It is so nice not having to worry if your pup is in good hands, and with Chicago Pet Sitter, you are in good hands.


A wonderful job!

Rated 5 out of 5

I recently used this service after reading many of the positive reviews here. I had to come back and support what has already been stated many times already – Chicago Pet Sitters does a wonderful job! I was really impressed upon meeting Dana for the initial meet and great – she was very reassuring and asked the right questions. McClain actually checked in am my cat while I was gone – she wrote great text messages and I really enjoyed her notes when I returned home. If I ever have to leave my cat behind when I go out of town again, I will not hesitate to call.


Cannot rate Chicago Pet Sitters highly enough

Rated 5 out of 5

I cannot rate Chicago Pet Sitters highly enough. Usually, remembering to call them before a trip is the last thing that comes to mind, but Dana has always been nothing but understanding and patient when we email her our out-of-town dates. The notes the sitters leave are honest (“”A couldn’t come in today, so B is leaving today’s note””) and contribute to the peace of mind we feel coming home. They even do some basic grooming at no extra charge (“”We did some work on that winter coat today!””), so our cat is visibly well-brushed. Dana has even helped us locate other services which she doesn’t offer, such as quality boarding houses and long-distance pet transport.
I can’t imagine how this service could possibly improve on what they’ve built. The ease and comfort we feel leaving our highly-pampered cat while we’re out of town is priceless. The sitters absolutely go the extra mile. Unfortunately, we’re moving in a couple weeks, and I can’t imagine finding a service this good at this price in LA.


How have people not discovered Chicago Pet Sitters??

Rated 5 out of 5

Seriously, how have people not discovered Chicago Pet Sitters??
We started using them on a rec from a neighbor. The reason he liked them was that he once came home early from work and “”caught”” them with his dog down the street playing in the park. They never saw him, but he swears he has never seen his dog having so much fun and so happy.
Fast forward a year later when we got our puppy. We did their meet and great, and our dog, who does not like people, instantly took to the owner Dana, and our walker, Alison. After a few months, we couldn’t be happier.
As proof, a month ago I got the day off. We still had Alison scheduled for the late morning, so I decided to play golf and then hit a cubs game. When I came home to change from golf before the game, I ran into Alison and my dog at our place. How happy was our dog? Well, she wouldn’t even come say hi to me. She was that in love with Alison.
I know some of our friends have dog walkers that show up late, or forget to come, or only stay with their dog for 10 minutes… Well, in months of using Chicago Pet Sitters, they have only been late one time: when Alison’s car broke down. They easily could have hidden this from us (we leave for work at 7:45 and don’t get home till at least 5, so we would never know if they lied), but instead they called me to warn that they’d be about 30 minutes late and that another walker would be there to make sure our dog wasn’t alone for too long.
Anyways, I could not be any happier with Chicago Pet Sitters. They truly care about animals (knowing my unhappiness with our current food, Dana sent me a report analyzing and rating all dog foods to help me find a new one).
Try them out, you’ll be soo happy. Your pet will be too 🙂


A trustworthy pet sitting service

Rated 5 out of 5

Dana, Brianne, and Alison take great care of my cats when I travel. They spend about 20-30 minutes with them–playing with them, brushing them, and just hanging out with them. They leave notes each day and send me text messages to let me know they are there and how the visit is going. The best part is when I am gone for a long time and they email pictures of my cats. That is very cool. They pick up my mail, too, which is a nice touch. I would wager a guess that I am one of Dana’s highest paying clients but I don’t mind. It is so great to have a trustworthy pet sitting service for as much as I travel. When my senior cat died they sent me flowers. Isn’t that cool?


A top notch, professional and compassionate animal care service

Rated 5 out of 5

My entire professional career has been working with animals. So, when picking a dog walking service, I was very selective and had a very high set of criteria.
Upon my first meeting with the owner of Chicago Pet Sitters, Dana, I was impressed not only with her knowledge of animals, but how much she went out of her way to find out exactly what I was looking for in a dog walker. She also took the time to get to know my dog. Her and her staff have been walking my great dane, Sampson, since he was a young puppy.
He now weighs about 150lbs and is a handful! Even at this size, Dana handles him with such confidence that she makes it look easy! Also impressive, is that Chicago Pet Sitters, makes it a priority to know exactly how you train your dog and handle him or her in different situations. Their philosophy is positive reinforcement and consistency with how the owner treats their dog.
I also must point out that Chicago Pet Sitters is not just a dog walking service to me. Dana stays in constant communication with me and is always aware of different issues I am having with Sampson. Everything from anxiety problems that he was having when I went to work to whenever he is sick. She makes it a point to help me deal with each of these issues when she comes to walk him and then will text or call me to let me know how he is doing.
Chicago Pet Sitters is a top notch, professional and compassionate animal care service. All of which is essential, when you are trusting someone to come into your home and take care of your beloved pet.
In addition to walks, Sampson gets playtime, treats and lots of affection from his dog walker! There is a detailed report left for me after each walk about everything that happened.
Even though I only have one very large dog, I would recommend Chicago Pet Sitters to care for any animal that I owned. Like myself, I think every pet owner does not want to have worry about their pet while they are at work. We want to know that our pet is comfortable, happy and that all of his or her needs are being taken care of when we are not around to do this ourselves. I assure that Chicago Pet Sitters goes above and beyond to make sure that all of these needs are met.


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