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Philanthropic Friday: Live Like Roo

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We are giving you a special Philanthropic Friday today for a significant reason: Tomorrow is Live Like Roo’s WorldWide Ice Cream Social.

If you haven’t heard of Live Like Roo (LLR), we’re here to introduce you to this inspiring foundation. Live Like Roo, a 501C3 organization, provides support and financial assistance to families whose pet faces a cancer diagnosis. Their mission is that together, everyone and their pets will #LiveLikeRoo.


The inspiration behind Live Like Roo, Roosevelt

Founded in 2015 by animal rescue volunteer Sarah Lauch, the organization was inspired by a dog she met at Chicago Animal Care and Control. Roosevelt, an orange pit-mix, was quietly sitting in his kennel in the over-populated and stressful pound. Despite the barking, shrilling and howling dogs screaming around him, he sat in silence. Lauch pulled him from his kennel and gave him the freedom ride every shelter dog hopes for.

Roosevelt, or Roo, began his road to recovery in foster. However, during a routine dental and tooth removal, it was discovered that Roo had bone cancer. Instead of adopting Roo out, Lauch decided it would be best to let Roo live out his days in fospice (foster-hospice).

Lauch made sure his fospice days were full of spoils: hiking through the woods; sleeping on cozy, warm blankets, playing fetch with tennis balls, eating ice cream cones and ordering hamburgers through the drive-through. After five months of living like a king, Roo passed on September 8, 2015.

Live Like Roo was founded on the mission to live out every life the best way possible. Today, LLR offers incredible assistance to families whose dogs have been diagnosed with cancer.

Financial Assistance

Once an application has been approved, the group offers assistance options that best fit the dog with their vet as the main directive. LLR confirm what funds exactly are needed for what procedures and passes on donations directly to the vet. They also provide financial assistance for biopsies and any kind of cancer-preventative when warranted.

Care Packages

Roo Cancer Care Packages include some of Roo’s favorite items including: a handmade blanket, tumeric, an ice cream toy, canned pumpkin, treats, a Dairy Queen gift card, toys, tennis balls, a collar, and a food dish.

The packages are made by LLR volunteers, who get together to hand tie fleece blankets and purchase the various items for the patient. In the dismal days of cancer diagnosis, a care package is the perfect reminder that each and every day should be spent living like Roo. You can donate items for the care packages by visiting LLR’s Amazon Wishlist.

LLR’s Ice Cream Social

Live Like Roo’s iconic ice cream cone symbolizes one of the many spoils a dog should experience in his or her life. As a tribute to Roo and all the dogs going through a cancer diagnosis, LLR hosts a worldwide Ice Cream Social. While the event can take place anywhere in the world, local supporters of Live Like Roo are gathering at Joe’s on Weed Street with their dogs for complementary ice cream.

For those participating from home, please take a picture with your pup and an ice cream cone and send it to us at so that we may share your support!

Live Like Roo Foundation’s Ice Cream Social Event Details:
When: Saturday, May 19, 2018
Time: 12-2pm
Location: Joe’s Bar on Weed Street
Chicago IL 60642

Everyone is welcome!



Dana earned a master’s degree from the University of Illinois in 2001 and soon after started Chicago Pet Sitters. Today, she runs Chicago Pet Sitters with the help of her pups and an amazing group of dog walkers and pet sitters!

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