To all of our valued clients:

At Chicago Pet Sitters, the well-being and safety of our team, clients and community are our top priority. As we continue to closely monitor the evolving impact of the COVID-19 virus, we are implementing ongoing measures to ensure the health and safety of our staff, while also maintaining the highest level of service to our clients.

All of our staff members are fully vaccinated, and we look forward to continuing to help keep you and our community safe!


All employees of Chicago Pet Sitters are mandated to wear masks while at your home and/or out on walks. They have also been asked to adhere to the CDC guidelines of wearing a mask in public and maintaining a 6-ft distance when possible. 

Hand Sanitizer

All employees have been given an alcohol-based spray to sanitize their hands before and after visiting a home. 

Contactless Hand-off (Dog Walking) 

In an attempt to limit contact with you, we are asking that your pup(s) and any necessary supplies be placed near the entry to your home. If we are in contact with you, we will maintain a 6-foot distance. We will also carry our own leash to limit what we handle in your home. 

Limiting Home Exposure 

While in your home, we would like to occupy as little space as possible. Please keep all necessary items in one place so we may minimize the need to enter other areas of your home. 

Surface Wipe-Down

Please leave sanitizing supplies for us so we may wipe down all surfaces we come into contact with while in your home. 

Reporting and Contact Tracing 

Any employee of Chicago Pet Sitters experiencing symptoms of the Covid-19 virus must report to management and will be immediately removed from duties. Similarly, staff must also report any exposure to someone displaying symptoms or having tested positive for the virus, and they will be taken off the schedule. In both circumstances, we will notify you immediately. 

Additional Safety Considerations 

Please let us know if you would like us to take any additional safety precautions: 

  • Wear Shoe Coverings
  • Wear Gloves

We thank you for your continued support of Chicago Pet Sitters while we navigate a new way of business. Please let us know how we can best provide you with peace of mind while we are in your home! 

Dana | Owner